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David Kinnear provides confidential, cost-effective and timely advice and support for clients in their negotiations. Whether in the context of civil or commercial disputes, the sale or acquisition of a business interest – or simply negotiating a contract with a product or services provider, David brings 20+ years of business and legal experience to the table for his clients. 

Fees: A variety of fixed time and fixed fee options are offered to suit a wide variety of circumstances and budgets – to help ensure participants find closure and a way forward. Should the need arise. David can also be retained to act as your legal adviser and represent you in hearings.

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The Contract Is Broken. Why Don’t We Just Go To Court?

A lot of litigation is focused on lawyers and the process, not clients and outcomes. There, we said it. Going to Court may be the ultimate option but it is not without its drawbacks in terms of being costly and time-consuming. It’s always good to keep it as an option but we encourage clients to explore more practical ways to find closure.

Why Now?

With the Courts likely to be over-burdened with cases following the COVID-19 Pandemic, negotiation represents a sensible path to dispute resolution for many individuals and organizations who simply want to find a way forward.

Can Negotiation Be Done Online?

Especially in light of COVID-19 travel and social distancing restrictions, negotiation can be undertaken via video using common video platforms that everyone can access, such as Zoom. In other words, negotiations can be completed and disputes can be resolved without anyone having to leave their home or office. We use a state-of-the-art platform specifically desgined for the management of hearings and negotiations, including fully-encrypted communications. No technical experience is necessary – it is very simple and intuitive to use. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection.

What Does It Cost To Get Help With Negotiations?

We offer both simple fixed time and fixed fee pricing – and also bespoke package options in more complex cases – bringing this service well within reach for everyone.

Do You Carry Insurance?

Yes. David holds £1 million in professional liability insurance, which may be increased on a matter-to-matter basis – based on the facts of the situation under consideration.

David T Kinnear

Who Are We?

David Kinnear is both a Barrister and Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator. With more than 20 years of international business and legal experience, he brings a calm communications style and a firm hand on the helm to the timely negotiation and resolution of disputes.

Member: Bar of England & Wales, New York State Bar Association, New York City Bar Association, Federation of Integrated Conflict Management, The Society of Mediators, The Civil Mediation Council, and the Mediator Network.

How Do We Get Started? Start Here.

If you need help with a deal or an agreement you’re negotiating, contact David Kinnear by email today or call the number closest to you:

London: +44 (07547) 128191

New York: +1 (917) 886 3222

To a more resolved future,

David Kinnear
Barrister & Accredited Mediator
London & New York

Helpful Information


COVID-19 ALERT: Hearings ordinarily conducted in person may be held remotely via online video. With the extensive travel limitations and Court hearing delays caused by COVID-19, mediation represents the quickest, least expensive and most efficient way to resolve a dispute satisfactorily – allowing those involved to put it behind them and move forward.

A copy of our Complaints Procedure is available upon request.

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Should you wish to retain David Kinnear via the Clerksroom Mediation Scheme, further information may be found here.

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