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HPC Rapid-Track Adjudication provides confidential, cost-effective and timely adjudications for civil and commercial disputes. Ideal for B2B and B2C disputes including small claims cases, HPC Rapid-Track Adjudication offers the speed and convenience of a decision at a fraction of the time and cost of litigating. 

HPC Rapid-Track Adjudication is offered with both fixed time and fixed fee options to suit a wide variety of circumstances and budgets – ensuring disputes get heard, parties have their say – but everyone gets a decision to move forward with.

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Why Use Rapid-Track Adjudication Instead of Going To Court?

Unlike a lot of litigation, Rapid-Track Adjudication ensures you get to a conclusion – a decision on which the parties can agree to move forward. It is easy to schedule and easy to participate in.

How Does Rapid-Track Adjudication Work?

Rapid-Track Adjudication is offered online via our secure hearings platform. It may be scheduled in person for larger or more complex cases subject to COVID-19 safe distancing regulations.

Format: Hearings follow a standard, pre-agreed format designed to give all parties an opportunity to both state their case and find agreement, if possible. The Adjudicator will act in a facilitative manner during this initial Mediation phase. In the event that the parties cannot find agreement within the stipulated time, the Adjudicator will move the hearing into the second Adjudication phase. At this time, a decision will be rendered by the Adjudicator – based on submissions made and evidence advanced during the opening session. A balance of probabilities is the evidential metric applied. This decision is reflected in the parties’ signed, written agreement, which is binding.

Unlike some hearing formats, Rapid-Track Adjudication gives the parties the certainty of knowing they will get a decision more quickly and less expensively than the typical Court hearing can provide. For many individuals and organizations, it is this clarity that is more important – a decision today is more helpful than waiting weeks or months for litigation.

Why Now?

With the Courts likely to be over-burdened with cases following the COVID-19 Pandemic, alternatives to litigation represent a sensible path to dispute resolution for many individuals and organizations who simply want to find a way forward. For many individuals and businesses, a decision today is worth more than a decision in 18 months’ time (and it’s likely to be far less expensive than litigating to find out).

Can Rapid-Track Adjudication Be Done Online?

Especially in light of COVID-19 travel and social distancing restrictions, Rapid-Track Adjudication can be offered via video using common video platforms that everyone can access, such as Zoom. In other words, disputes can be resolved without anyone having to leave their home. We use a state-of-the-art platform specifically desgined for the management of hearings, including fully-encrypted communications. No technical experience is necessary – it is very simple and intuitive to use. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection.

What Does Rapid-Track Adjudication Cost?

Rapid-Track Adjudication is offered with simple fixed time and fixed fee pricing – and also bespoke package options in more complex cases – bringing this service well within reach for everyone. All particpants know what they’re getting at the outset with no added extras or gotcha costs. Rapid-Track Adjudication is priced to be accessible and far less time-consuming than litigation in Court.

Do You Carry Insurance?

Yes. David Kinnear holds £1 million in professional liability insurance, which may be increased on a matter-to-matter basis – based on the facts of the situation under consideration. This is also a standard requirement for any Faculty member.

Is Mediation Or Rapid-Track Adjudication Confidential?

Yes. Mediations and Rapid-Track Adjudication hearings are conducted confidentially and “without prejudice”. In the event that resolution is not found, the discussions and negotiations held within a mediation remain confidential and cannot be referenced in any Court proceedings.

David T Kinnear

Who Are We?

David Kinnear is both a Barrister and Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator. With more than 20 years of international business and legal experience, he brings a calm communications style and a firm hand on the helm to the timely negotiation and resolution of disputes.

Member: Bar of England & Wales, New York State Bar Association, New York City Bar Association, Federation of Integrated Conflict Management, The Society of Mediators, The Civil Mediation Council, and the Mediator Network.

How Do We Get Started? Start Here.

We highly recommend reaching out to the other individual(s) or business(es) in the dispute to suggest mediation or Rapid-Track Adjudication – and to help ensure all agree to resolving the dispute this way. Please feel free to direct them to this page for informational purposes. 

If they agree then we can communicate with all participants via email – inviting everyone online to affirm and agree the terms and scope of the hearing, and make payment. Each party will receive an email invitation setting this process in motion. If the other participants have not yet agreed to proceed, we can still send an email invitation to them indicating that they have been invited to participate however the conduct of the matter will of course depend on their acceptance.

If you are struggling with a dispute, contact David Kinnear by email today or call the number closest to you:

London: +44 (07547) 128191

New York: +1 (917) 886 3222

Take the first step towards finding closure.

David Kinnear
HPC Dispute Resolution
Barrister & Accredited Mediator
London & New York

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COVID-19 ALERT: Hearings ordinarily conducted in person may be held remotely via online video. With the extensive travel limitations and Court hearing delays caused by COVID-19, Rapid-Track Adjudication hearings represent the quickest, least expensive and most efficient way to resolve a dispute satisfactorily – allowing those involved to put it behind them and move forward.

A copy of our Complaints Procedure is available upon request.

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